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Public Cloud

Public Cloud is probably the most recognisable cloud computing solution. Public Cloud ultimately allows your business to make resources available to the general public on the cloud.


Tomorrow’s Technology at Today’s Prices

Thanks to continuous development and investment, Public Cloud solutions are able to deliver the latest technology — without a hefty price tag.

Cyber Ready

Highly experienced in defending against Cyber attack, Public Cloud providers place security at the centre of their operations, attracting and retaining the best talent to protect your data.

Pay as You Go

Access what you need; pay for for what you use, with a low-cost, pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Essential for

What You Need, When You Need It
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Ideal for small and medium sized businesses, Public Cloud solutions are also well suited to businesses with fluctuating demands, offering the facility to scale power up — or down — as required; on demand.
In today's fast moving commercial environments, agility and responsiveness are the hallmarks of a successful business.
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