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Cloud Security

Secure with Confidence
Securing your Business in the Cloud

As a modern, forward looking organisation, you want your employees to have access to critical business data and applications at any time, from anywhere and from any device. You want to nurture collaborative working across teams, so you’re increasingly using tools such as Microsoft Office 365 and moving ERP systems such as CRM and accounting to the cloud too.

Benefits without Risk

The benefits of moving to the cloud include capital cost savings, increased flexibility and operational agility. Yet concerns over cloud security and the risk of a data breach persist among some C-level executives. These concerns can be addressed and overcome with the right cloud security technologies.

Cloud Security Confidence

So you can have confidence in your cloud solutions, you need to implement a range of technologies including access encryption, application security, infrastructure security and to prevent hacking – as well as securing the VPNs used to connect remote teams. Setting policies and training end-users are both also important factors in the mix.

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Securing Access to Applications and Data with Two Factor Authentication

Weak access points are a common cause of data breaches and rogue access. To secure access points users should use high quality two factor authentication (2FA) technology, also known as multi factor authentication (MFA), from either Sophos or SecurEnvoy. Two factor authentication requires the use of a one-time password alongside a known password thus completely eliminating the risk of unauthorised access. 

Why Use Multi Factor Authentication?

Two factor authentication technology can be used to secure VPNs, remote desktop working, WiFi access, web portals and laptop logon. Modern 2FA technology is easy-to-use because it is tokenless i.e. no additional hardware is required. The user simply receives a one-time password on their personal mobile phone to use in conjunction with a memorised personal password.

Securing Cloud Applications

Cloud-based applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Dropbox are the future. So it’s vital to secure them against targeted threats and to protect sensitive data held within them. Sophos and Forcepoint provide IT Managers with visibility and control over apps to ensure that they’re being safely used.

Controlling Compliance

Network user behaviour cannot always be controlled with policy alone, which means that not all apps used within the network can be officially sanctioned.  Sophos and Forcepoint can identify cloud app security compliance gaps, enforce data access controls and manage network access for laptops, mobile phones and other devices brought into the network.

Are You Secure?
Securing the Use of Cloud Applications
87% of organisations will be using Cloud apps within a year. Download this report to find out how best to secure them.
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Securing Your Cloud Infrastructure

Your data and applications might be hosted in a private, public or hybrid cloud arrangement; whichever it is, your business processes depend on your cloud infrastructure, so you need to be confident that your hosted services are built on a solid architecture that guarantees 100% reliability and uptime, and are housed in secure data centres.

Time to Focus on Your Services

Access Alto’s solid and secure hosting offers you the confidence and reliability you need, freeing you up to make the strategic and operational decisions about the services and applications your organisation needs. Services like Disaster Recovery as a Service, Backup as a Service, Software as a Service and Hosted Desktop services.

Secure Data Sharing

Employees need to share data securely across the organisation between multiple locations. This is key to enabling a mobile, flexible and productive workforce that can communicate and collaborate freely. An encryption solution such as Egress means emails and files can be transferred safely securely without the fear that it will get into the wrong hands.

Any Time Anywhere Secure Data Access

Users need secure access to data at any time, wherever they are and IT managers need audit and compliance reports to monitor confidential data movement. For extra peace of mind, some secure data sharing solutions (including Egress) protect users — and the business — against mistakenly sending emails to the wrong recipient.

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DDos Protection

Working in the cloud increases exposure to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which overload servers with connections, preventing access for bona fide users. DDoS attacks are hard to mitigate so usually result in servers crashing. They are one of the fastest growing types of cyberattack so using sophisticated, automated, real time solution such as Radware is critically important.

Flexible, Sophisticated, Always On

They keys to protecting against DDoS attacks include flexibility to deploy the solution according to your specific cloud configuration, the complexity to continuously adapt and respond to threat detection fast, and the option to deliver always-on (as well as on-demand or fully managed) service.

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VPN Protection

Keeping your private networks private between offices, sites and remote workers using the cloud adds a new layer of security complexity. The most cost effective and efficient way to connect users to their cloud resources, apps and system is to each remote site is to use highly featured VPN technologies to deliver secure, accelerated connectivity and high availability.

Flexible, Sophisticated, Always On  

By combing secure connectivity technology with high class firewall and encryption technology from providers such as Sophos and Forcepoint, network users can work as securely — and efficiently — at  remote sites and home offices as they can at headquarters.

Solutions that help keep your cloud secure.
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Enhance the security of your applications, devices and systems with Two-Factor authentication. 2FA enables users to confirm their identity by presenting evidence to an authentication mechanism.
Cloud Apps
Most of your employees have adopted the cloud. Cloud-based apps like Office 365, Dropbox and Salesforce need protection to prevent account-centric threats, meet compliance requirements and protect critical data.
Cloud Infrastructure
Deliver enterprise-level hosting services with a 100% uptime guaranteed SLA to businesses of all sizes including public sector - our data centre is located in the UK.
For Public Sector
Data Sharing
CESG certified on-demand security for organisations wishing to share confidential information electronically.
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DDoS Protection
Denial-of-service attacks are on the rise since they've become a commodity on the Darknet and IoT allowing for easier botnet creation. DDoS mitigation solutions and attack prevention has never been more important.
Virtual Private Networks are now a necessity in today's modern workplace. Chess can help you find the right VPN technology to help your business grow and yet remain as secure as ever. Select from a full range of VPN technologies for secure site-to-site and remote access.


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