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Meet the ever-increasing mobile demands of modern business. From the latest devices, to market leading tariffs, we can develop a mobile solution to meet your business needs. 

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Cost Effective
Our mobile solution gives your business access to industry leading tariffs. We can also work with your business, to help you understand the most cost-effective plans.
Great Reception
We have partnered with industry leading networks including EE, O2 and Vodafone to give you the best network reception at the best prices.
Enhanced Agility
Our mobile solution gives your business the ability to achieve true work mobility and connect your workforce.


Be More Responsive
Our data tariffs ensure your employees are always in touch. Your employees can now work anywhere and have constant communication with you and your customers.
Access to the UK’s Largest Data Networks
You will have access to the UK’s largest data networks, with the option to add a Multi-Net SIM so you can roam between networks and always stay connected.
Increase Efficiencies
We provide a choice of fast network connections which have designed to boost work efficiencies of your employees.
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Leading Handset Devices
We provide a range of market leading devices from Apple and Samsung, to ensure your business is able to work in the fast-paced mobile world.
Stay Ahead of the Curve
Chess mobile have specifically chosen devices to ensure you and your people are working with the latest technologies.
Samsung, Apple
IoT / M2M


Improve Business Operations
Our M2M services provide a range of innovative solutions that enable you to collect and communicate data to improve your business operations.
Reliable & Secure
Our M2M solution providess reliable and secure private two-way communications between your device and the internet.
Manage Communications
Manage your communications with our M2M services and allow your business to automate and manage communications between multiple devices.

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