Wireless Leased Line

Most advanced hybrid network with dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth

You will never suffer from contented bandwidth or unreliable connection with our business grade circuits

High bandwidth

Great capacities from
2Mbps up to 2Gbps


Independent from third party exchanges, 99.95% uptime guaranteed, extremely low latency

Easy setup

Low installation fees,
with only 5-10 days lead time

Combining wired and wireless technology, Chess can extend the power of your dedicated leased line.

Have a connectivity solution that is 10 times quicker than traditional services.


Our solution is extremely scalable and flexible, which can perfectly accommodate growth and also site re-location.

Exclusive connectivity

Diverse high capacity interconnects with multiple transit and peering networks ensuring uninterrupted and uncontended internet connectivity.

Improve work efficiency

Taking all the communication methods into one place, employees can save time on switching between programmes, contact lists and accounts.

Powerful and secured

Our wireless solution utilises vendor specific proprietary frequency, which is unique to radio pairs. This makes our service one of the most secured connection.

Easy setup

Completely independent from BT Openreach, we can install the connection within 5-10 working days. Compared to traditional connection, our wireless leased line has no constraint, which can be the perfect substitution when other solutions are not viable.

Access anytime, anywhere

Employees can access real time information anytime, anywhere, promoting efficiency and collaboration as well as boosting their productivity.


Bandwidth 2Mbps up to 2Gbps, dedicated
Network Private, 1:1 contention
Purpose Internet and VPN access, networking
Usage Unlimited
Resilient Various failover circuits
Security Proprietary infrastructure overlaid with encryption
Management Managed, with 24/7 pro-active monitoring
SLA 4 hours fix SLA

Wireless leased lines data sheet


Download PDF
  • VoIP and hosted solutions
  • Businesses that require high capacity and resilient connection
  • Companies that rely heavily on connectivity to operate
  • Businesses that struggle to get fibre circuits installed

Sales and Advice

0800 688 8858


4 hours fix

Industry leading SLA

Chess proactively monitor the entire network 24 hours a day from our Network Operations Centre (NOC) which helps to deliver our circuits against an industry leading 4 hour fix time SLA.

Independent network

We have 24/7 access to all points of presence (PoP), employ our own engineers and are equipped to address any faults that may occur within minutes.

Putting the customer first

Not only are we at your service 24/7, 365, we aim to answer the phone within 3 rings so we won’t keep you waiting

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