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Transforming Communication and Business Efficiency with Ultrafast Fibre and Cloud Voice







Cloud Voice & Ultrafast Fibre

Secure-a-Field is a leading supplier of innovative and creative fencing and access solutions. With their dedication to providing outstanding customer service, communication plays a fundamental role in ensuring the business can meet and exceed client expectations. 

The Challenge 

Facing the challenge of relocating to a remote area without a fibre connection to the site, Secure-a-Field required high-speed broadband to their new premises to enable their business to operate efficiently without limitations.  

The business also required a cloud-based telephony solution that would enable them to seamlessly communicate to customers without experiencing down time during the transition. 

Operating three brand names, the business needed a system that could offer customised messages and call options to enhance their customer experience. Additionally, they required a scalable solution that could effortlessly accommodate new users while staying within budget. 

The Solution

Secure-a-Field were seeking a highly efficient and fast phone system, along with a reliable internet connection, to meet their company's expanding needs.  

Chess began by providing Secure-a-Field with a robust fibre broadband connection, ensuring seamless operations across the business. This high-speed fibre connection offered exceptional reliability and performance, enabling the business to maintain consistent connectivity. 

In addition to this, Chess implemented Cloud Voice, a VoIP solution that significantly enhanced the company’s communication capabilities. Cloud Voice allowed the business to communicate effortlessly with customers from their new location whilst providing advanced features such as call forwarding and auto-attendant.  

One of the critical requirements for Secure-a-Field was maintaining their existing phone number to ensure uninterrupted communication with their customers. By partnering with Chess, this has been executed by transferring their existing number to their Cloud Voice system, eliminating any potential disruption, and ensuring a smooth transition for the business.

The Cloud Voice system is a massive upgrade on any analogue solutions and gives the full functionality of a phone system but at a much lower initial investment. It’s very easy to add additional users as your business grows.

Oliver Lloyd, Director, Secure-a-Field  

The Result

With Chess managing the project and efficiently installing the solutions, Secure-a-Field successfully transitioned to their new premises without any disruption to business operations. 

The installation of Ultrafast Fibre and Cloud Voice has not only ensured seamless connectivity but has also significantly enhanced call quality and flexibility for the business. This upgrade enables them to continue supporting their customers effectively from the new location, while offering advanced call features for the team at Secure-a-Field. 

The team now benefits from an easy-to-use portal that allows them to tailor phone announcements and call options to meet the specific needs of their audiences to enhance customer experience.   

As a growing business, Secure-a-Field have been able to scale up with ease through their new phone system. The solution has enabled the company to add additional licenses and handsets as needed, without expensive fees, ensuring that Secure-a-Field can adapt quickly to changing business demands, supporting their growth and operational efficiency. 

As our business grows and the team increases in size, it’s very easy to simply obtain additional licences and handsets. Our sales contact at Chess understands our needs and is always looking to add value.

The whole project was managed very effectively by the projects team and our phone system, internet and Wi-fi was fully operational by 09.30 on moving day. 

Oliver Lloyd, Director, Secure-a-Field