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Technology for ESG

Building a sustainable, resilient business

Technology for ESG

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a set of standards measuring a business's impact on society, the environment, and how transparent and accountable it is.
Technology is at the core of any modern business and, if applied effectively, can often help businesses improve their ESG.

Why is ESG Important?

There are a wide range of benefits for businesses with strong Environmental, Social and Governance policies and practices.

Cost Savings

Businesses with strong ESG performance have a much lower incidence rate of fraud, litigation, customer attrition and revenue shortfalls.


Drive Profits

ESG standards help businesses use resources more efficiently, lowering overhead expenses and reducing waste.

Attract Talent

Post-pandemic career decisions are becoming increasingly value based. People want to work for businesses with values that align with their own.  ​

How Chess can help you future-proof your business


Based on your requirements, we’re able to advise on the cloud communications solutions needed.


 We’re Voice specialists, so you can be sure that we’ll get you connected and collaborating on time and within budget.


Our team of consultants will ensure adopt the new technology to get maximum return on your investment.


Our support team will help you with technical faults and our Customer Portal allows you to raise and manage tickets easily.

ESG V Budgets: How To Use Technology To Build A Sustainable, Resilient Business

Digital transformation and sustainability are high on everyone’s agenda with over 81% of UK organisations creating a formal ESG strategy, according to EY. Technology is a critical component, but budget restraints and economic downturn will pose a challenge.

Join this panel discussion during which the leaders in the technology industry will talk about how technology can help you build a sustainable, resilient organisation, while driving operational costs down. Microsoft, Cisco, Talk Talk and Sage will share what they have learned from the switch to hybrid working, their ESG priorities and how they will achieve them.

Our Suppliers

At Chess, we know that around 95% of our ESG is passed on to us from our suppliers.
That’s why we work with suppliers that take ESG seriously.