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Wide Area Networks

WAN, which stands for Wide-Area-Network, is the core component of many businesses. WAN is an IP-based network that connects every part of your business, regardless of geographical location. With the rise of hybrid working, businesses need a secure and reliable network.

Connect your Business with a Secure, Reliable and Resilient Network.

SD-WAN is a type of WAN that uses software to determine how traffic on your network should be routed. This type of WAN is ideal for businesses that use cloud-based applications as these applications can be run faster over the user’s broadband connection and free up bandwidth for other applications as well as sending and receiving files.

Wide Area Networks

Key Features

Managed WAN from Chess offers reliable performance backed up with robust service level agreements.

Centralised Data

WAN enables businesses to have a centralised server for all their business locations, rather than needing a server per location. This centralised approach simplifies server management and IT resources into one place.

Bandwidth Capability

WAN utilises leased line connections and VPNs which means that businesses can benefit from faster data transfer speeds between sites.

Security & Privacy

Utilising WAN means that businesses can keep their data secure. Sending information over a WAN is far more secure than simply sending it over the internet.