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Broadband Assurance

Protect your business from unexpected outages and ensure you’re always connected to your customers.

Helping you stay connected to your customers

We have never been more dependent on our broadband lines than we are now. More and more of us rely on data networks to carry voice, video and information between our people and our customers. Business downtime is now estimated to cost small to medium businesses up to £7,000 per hour.

However, many of us still don’t have any real disaster recovery plans in place. We have little idea what we might do if the service goes down or how much it might cost to get reconnected or how long that might take. Broadband Assurance gives you the peace of mind to know that, if a fault happens, you have someone to help.

As an additional benefit we will also provide you with a free upgrade to the latest full fibre products and services when they become available in your area. Allowing you to take full advantage of the extra speed and reliability of these products without having to worry about an upgrade fee or increased rental costs.

Key Benefits

Broadband Assurance

Chess Broadband Assurance protects customers against call out charges and outages caused by faults on broadband services.

Peace of mind

You can feel secure there will be no large charges if you have a fault. Standard Engineering Visits can cost around £185 per day without Broadband Assurance.

Business Continuity

Ability to keep your business running in the event of a fault

Great Speeds

 We have added broadband coverage to the service and we will give customers a free upgrade to FTTP when it becomes available in your area.

Great Value

In the event of a Broadband fault we will cover all BT Openreach engineering charges (in hours and out of hours).

Great Service

Downtime can lead to loss of business. Broadband Assurance now includes a range of DR options to keep you running when you have a fault.

How does Broadband Assurance Protect You?

Free Great British Switch Off Connectivity Upgrades

If FTTP or another next-generation service (SOGFast, SOGEA etc) becomes available we will upgrade your line to the new service free of charge. Line speed will be at our discretion, but you can upgrade to faster speeds for an increment on your monthly bill. Discounts may be available should you wish to enter into a new contract. A router will be provided as part of the upgrade.

No Engineering Charges

Internet downtime is estimated to cost UK businesses £11 billion every year, and these costs are increasing as we all become more dependent on our data connectivity. In the event of a Broadband fault we will cover all BT Openreach engineering charges (in hours and out of hours) as long as you run through the required checks before we send out an engineer.

Inclusive Disaster Recovery

We will provide a replacement broadband router within 2 working days if yours fails. We will provide a 4G device and SIM card if a broadband fault persists for more than 2 working days. Fair usage policy applies. Please be aware that if the router is not returned at the end of the loan period you will be charged its full retail price.

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