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Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service (BaaS), or cloud backup, uses a network connection to back up data offsite, in a remote, secure cloud-based data repository.

Daily disasters are just waiting to happen

Disasters take many forms. Fire or floods make headlines and have enormous impact - however it's the common, everyday actions that are the most likely to strike at the heart of your business.

Accidental (or malicious) data deletion, accidents to hardware and poor security are the daily disasters just waiting to happen.

It's indoors, not outdoors, that the biggest threat to your business continuity lies.

Key Benefits

Backup as a Service

If you’re backing up tapes offsite and catastrophe strikes, it’s a race against time to retrieve the copies, impacting productivity and increasing the risk of data loss. It’s a traditional approach to backing up data which can be costly, resource intensive and slow.

Backup as a service offers an efficient, cost effective alternative. It’s increasingly the choice of businesses and organisations who are looking for the benefits that a cloud solution offers.


Choose the data you want to backup, and let automation take care of saving it, freeing up valuable IT resource.


BaaS stores multiple copies independently and data is encrypted, minimising risk from hackers, and kept safe from natural disaster and user error.

Fast Recovery

Backups are easy to locate in case of loss or deletion (often through individual user error.)


BaaS eliminates the need for tape drives, servers, transportation to off-site locations, and the inhouse resource required to manage on-premises backup systems.

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