Securing the Public Cloud with Sophos and Chess

Are you managing, moving, or planning to move to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform? Watch this video to learn more about how you can ensure the security of your data in the cloud.

Chess Cloud PBX Partial Disruption to Service (Resolved)

We are aware of an issue affecting some services on Cloud PBX. Our specialists are working on a solution and we expect the system to be fully functioning shortly.  


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All You Need To Know About The iPhone 11

What does the iPhone 11 have under the hood and is it the right choice for your next device? Find out more with our interactive review which deep dives into everything you need to know, including battery life, memory and screen details.

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Downtime is Money

(Down) time is money, downtime is common - and recovery is often painful. What are the key effects of downtime in the real world? How do you create an effective business continuity plan?

AutoSwitch - Important Information For Customers

AutoSwitch, also known as PAC by SMS, is new legislation effective from 1st July 2019 throughout the mobile industry and is aimed at simplifying the process of changing providers for the customer.

Would Your Organisation Benefit From Leasing?

To make sure you’ve got the right tools to embrace new challenges, it’s crucial to invest in the right technology and expertise.

In the Essential Guide to Device Leasing, we explore the pros and cons of different funding models. 

Penetration Test Versus Vulnerability Assessment

For years customers have been confused what is the difference between a Penetration Test and a Vulnerability Assessment, with CREST officially launching separate accreditation for the two techniques now. Read this article to learn more.

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7 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT

The uncertainty of the UK economy there’s no better time to ensure your business systems and infrastructure are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Choosing the right partner can help unlock return on your IT investments and give you peace of mind that your IT infrastructure remains secure and available.

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4 Business Continuity Planning Essentials

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning should be considered a critical aspect of running a business. However, many organisations disregard it completely.

Download our eBook to discover the 4 essential elements to consider when crafting an effective business continuity plan.

Devices from Chess

Empower your digital revolution, with leased devices, from Chess.

Time Is Running Out For Windows 7

Windows 7 is ten years old, and Microsoft are retiring the product in its entirety. This means that there be no longer any updates. Businesses need to consider what they're going to do to move off it - because staying represents a real threat.

Cloud Service Specialist, Paul Gibbons, talks about January 2020's Windows 7 end of life, and what that means for businesses.