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Web Development

Chess has vast experience delivering enterprise web solutions for industry-leading corporations. From design to delivery, testing and migration, from new implementation to hosting and support.

Powering some of the top websites of UK Businesses

As a large organisation your online presence, be it websites, online portals or apps, is fundamentally important to your corporate reputation.

However, what many organisations do not realise is that you’d need to consider not only the branding and the design, but also its security, compliance and flexibility. A misconfiguration can cost you thousands, if not millions, in fines.

For this reason, some of the biggest and leading organisations in the UK, including BT, Scotwork, NATO, trust us to deliver their digital services.

Using Umbraco, we build solid foundations, allowing the user both freedom and security to focus on content. All solutions we develop are SSL enabled and go through rigorous penetration tests by our security team before release. We also assess websites against the WCAG2 AA validation standard, a compulsory requirement for all Public Sector organisations, ensuring user accessibility.

Key Benefits


Our goal is to simplify and refresh your web presence with clarity, transparency, and depth, by blending creativity, business intelligence and skills.



Responsive design ensures that your website can be viewed on any device or browser. This will ensure that the user is getting a consistent level of quality.



All of the websites we develop are SSL enabled and go through rigorous penetration tests by our security team before release.


Gold Standard

With a long-standing Microsoft Competency in Application Development, our expert .NET software development and project management teams can manage all aspects of virtually any scale project.


Your web development journey with Chess

At Chess, we use design to do more than just branding. We employ a design-driven approach to the entire development lifecycle. We use it in our approach to provoke user requirements and to structure conversation and discussion. In doing so, your customers will feel engaged and the resulting information and insight is richer and more valuable.

No matter the scope or scale of the project, we can deliver award winning custom software solutions. We apply an Agile approach taken to development, which consists of short, value focused production cycles.

Our aim is to broaden both your business and communication processes. From large projects with multi-site back office management systems to customer-facing web applications and more.

From design to delivery, testing and migration, from new implementation to hosting and support. Our overall goal is to empower you and your business. To provide you with a smart, pragmatic, and economical solution.

Accessibility Testing

With the virtual world an extension of the physical, accessibility has often been treated with the same consideration – as an afterthought. As of 2018, the virtual world has made an attempt to close the accessibility gap, at least in Public Sector, with the introduction of The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018.

At Chess, we can identify any non-compliance by comparing your site to the WCAG2 AA validation standard - a suite of tests can be undertaken against public-facing and intranet sites to determine the level of Accessibility.

Our developers then create a report which summarises and categorises issues, with priority ranking. For example, addressing problems in headers, footers, and navigation, will likely have the most impact on reducing site non-compliance.

After dealing with common site elements, the focus of accessibility testing is directed to content that is generated statically or within a content management system through an iterative process of issue resolution and regression testing.

Depending on the nature of errors, it may be beneficial to implement a programmatic solution to automatically prevent future content issue re-occurrences.

Website content is subject to change over time and any alteration can introduce future errors. It is recommended that having undertaken and established a baseline, a similar exercise is initiated on a recurring (i.e. quarterly) schedule to ensure ongoing accessibility standards adherence.  

Learn more about our Web Accessibility Assessment in the brochure or contact us to speak to a web consultant..

Web Application Penetration Test

The web application pen test aims to find weaknesses in applications programmed in-house or out of the box solutions, as well as ill-coded websites.

Web App and Websites s are often vulnerable to many types of attacks that are often possible through the exploitation of misconfigurations in server builds or through bad coding practices.

Vulnerabilities are often identified within functions where user input is received, like website search, address fields, file uploads, where SQL queries can be passed to gain access to back end databases. If either of those functionalists are not appropriately secured an attacker could exploit them to upload a malicious document that can create a back door giving a user unauthorised access to the underlying server it is running on.

Due to the world wide web being publicly exposed many websites and online stores come under constant attack. On average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day, according to Forbes. Identifying these vulnerabilities before anyone else can allows remediation actions to take place to secure the web app.

I'd like to thank all the team at Chess for the development, expertise and support with both Connected Earth and the history content on over the years. It's a pleasure working with the team.

Keith Lovell, Archives Specialist, BT Heritage and Archives

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