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Microsoft SharePoint

Our team can help you integrate, migrate, and optimise Microsoft SharePoint, a content management system and intranet that lets you work collaboratively and securely.

Work together in one hub with SharePoint and Teams

Microsoft SharePoint is a content management system and intranet, great for enabling collaboration without compromising security.

SharePoint underpins Microsoft Teams. The platform enables you to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications, helping you work better together across your organisation. Plus, with the integrated search option, you can easily locate information from within your company.

As part of the Microsoft Enterprise subscription, SharePoint is protected through your Azure Active Directory, and if you want to keep your critical services on-prem you can opt for a hybrid setup.

Key Benefits

Microsoft SharePoint

Teams Voice’s impressive array of features includes all of the following:

Low-cost Solution

SharePoint is already available as part of any Microsoft 365 Licence package, making it a low-cost entry point for existing Microsoft users.

Quick Delivery

An initial pilot intranet site can be available in days rather than weeks, and with its revised look and feel it creates user-friendly systems.

Auto Updates

Updates are automatic, ensuring your system is always up to date and secure – no extensive in-house maintenance required.

Seamless Experience

SharePoint is simple to administer, integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and is secured through your Active Directory.

Work better together with Sharepoint

SharePoint Integration

Starting life 15 years ago as a premises server, SharePoint has evolved to include site, search, social and business intelligence capabilities.

The future of SharePoint is as a content service and single source of content delivery, underpinning the various mechanisms provided across the Microsoft 365 suite to manage and share information such as Teams, Channels and Document Libraries.

We can help you structure and implement a process and strategy for storing and managing documents and data the right way so that it is easy to share, co-author and version either within a team or across a company network.

SharePoint Migration

Moving to SharePoint is not a trivial matter, whether to Microsoft 365 or SharePoint on-premise. Consideration should be given to aspects such as migration planning, source validation, data cleansing, and metadata extraction.

Our consultants have expert knowledge in the tools and techniques used to undertake data transfer projects of varying scale, making sure the appropriate approach and method is used and understood.

Over the years, we have supported content migration in various industry sectors from sources such as FileNet, File Shares, and older versions of SharePoint into SharePoint on-premise or Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams

With the introduction of Microsoft Teams into the Microsoft 365 family, real-time collaboration has never been easier.

Microsoft Teams is a powerful real-time collaboration and communications platform, allowing virtual teams to collaborate and work together no matter their location. Microsoft Teams supersedes Skype for Business and includes both the voice and video calling capabilities of its predecessor. The inherited voice capabilities have been coupled to a team room chat interface, divided into channels, and leveraging SharePoint as a back-end file repository.

Chess can help with the introduction and roll-out of MS Teams to your organisation - large or small - driving user adoption and encouraging best practices.

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