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Effortless communication and connectivity with Cloud Voice

Symphony Environmental






Cloud PBX

With over 25 years of experience, Symphony Environmental is a market leader in the development and marketing of masterbatches designed to make plastic products smarter and more sustainable.

Supplying products across the globe, effective communication is at the heart of Symphony Environmental.

The Challenge

As Symphony Environmental’s existing legacy telephony system was soon to be redundant, the business needed a modern solution that would ensure minimal disruption to daily operations. With a large global customer base, they required a streamlined and cost-effective system that would reduce their fees for international calls without compromising on quality.
Without a maintenance contract in place, they were also vulnerable to potential technical issues without 
reliable support, raising an area of concern for the business.  

The Solution

Cloud PBX was the clear choice for Symphony Environmental as transitioning to voice over internet protocol (VoIP), provided the business with a flexible option that enhanced communication and connectivity. Adopting cloud-based technology also ensured scalability for future needs of the company.
Deciding to have a dedicated lease line for their phone system rather than splitting their original line over voice and data, has proven to be the best decision for Symphony Environmental. This has provided the business with enhanced call quality without the risk of disruptions or call drops due to network congestion, leading to more reliable communication both internally and externally.
With comprehensive training provided by Chess, Symphony Environmental have been able to navigate the easy-to-use interface and admin controls to tailor the Cloud PBX solution to meet their business needs.
Additionally, their existing partnership with Chess ICT for other products such as Microsoft 365, Cyber Security, and Managed Support Services meant that Symphony Environmental could consolidate their service management under one roof by selecting Chess as their Cloud PBX provider, ensuring seamless coordination of their IT services.


It’s been great working with Chess to develop the platform we have now and to continue to develop it to where we want it to go. Having Chess’ expertise included in our plans really supports us to build the best product that we can.

- Lynette King, Office manager, Symphony Environmental


The Result

Working with Chess ICT and implementing Cloud PBX has brought significant benefits for Symphony Environmental. The handsets supplied by Chess have streamlined communication within the building, allowing for effortless connectivity between their internal teams with just a click.
The simplified process of adding new users via the admin portal has not only saved valuable time but also facilitated smooth scalability for the business.
Additionally, the Cloud PBX mobile app ensures that team members can appear as if they are dialling from the office regardless of their location, maintaining a professional company image, whilst also reducing costs for international calls.
The support provided by Chess throughout this project enabled Symphony Environmental to seamlessly transition to a cloud-based solution, delivering an effective and user-friendly phone system for the business.


We worked with Chess on a plan that could cause minimal disruption for the business, and it worked very well. Chess ICT supports us brilliantly, they are fantastic, and we rely heavily on them for our IT infrastructure and support, so it made sense when we needed to find a company to replace our telecoms system. It was an easy decision to make.

- Lynette King, Office manager, Symphony Environmental