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As an accredited Microsoft partner, Chess is on the Microsoft Technology Adoption Program (TAP) which allows our specialists to work together with Microsoft on new features, advise on new developments and be the first to test the new releases.

There’s no denying that for all the fantastic tools Microsoft offers businesses and the value that they can offer, it can get very confusing to stay on top of it all. There are so many tools available for so many different functions and applications, some which might even seem like they do the same thing at first glance! Plus, old products merging into new ones, renamed products, rebrands, new releases and more mean that it can be hard to know what you have right now, let alone what you need in the future.

In these circumstances partnering with third parties makes sense. Call in the skills you need for one off projects, back off responsibility for niche skills and focus your key people on solving your business problems.

Chess and Microsoft

Work Better Together

Our Microsoft 365 services are designed to help you make the most out of your Microsoft investment and focus on enhanced features delivery, including security and Power Platform. We can also help you with cloud migration projects, Microsoft 365 deployment and optimisation.

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