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Chess Maintains Gamma Platinum Partnership

Cloud Voice Hosted Telephony

Chess are proud to be a Gamma Platinum Partner. This accolade enables us to offer our customers the very best in cloud telephony options through Chess Cloud Voice.

We cover:

Chess Gamma Platinum Partner

Chess are proud to be a Gamma Platinum Partner. This accolade underscores our commitment to providing unparalleled quality and service in cloud telephony solutions. As a Gamma Platinum Partner, we are equipped to offer our clients the very best in cloud telephony options, ensuring seamless communication experiences and empowering businesses to thrive. We look forward to continuing to deliver excellence and innovation to our valued customers.

What is Cloud Voice?

Your communications are crucial, so help your people work better together and connect with your customers. Connect your people, work from anywhere and reduce your costs. Create a more productive, profitable and customer-centric organisation with Chess Cloud Voice.

Cloud Voice is a hosted business telephone service, which uses the internet rather than traditional phone lines. It provides an extensive range of features via an easy-to-use web portal, helping you work better together and connect you with your people.

Experience Cloud Voice: Built for Business

Watch this 15-minute video from Future Insight Technology 2023 where we explore how Cloud Voice can reshape your business communication strategy, foster growth, and strengthen customer connections. In this session, we cover:

  • How Cloud Voice can be used to enable your hybrid workforce
  • Advanced features for better communication
  • Scalability to match business growth



The Benefits of Cloud Voice

There are many benefits of hosted telephony, and with Chess Cloud Voice, no call goes unanswered, and no sales opportunity is missed.

Puts You In Control

Cloud Voice puts you in complete control of your phone system. It comes with an extensive range of call handling and management features, all operated through an easy-to-use web interface.

Work From Anywhere

Cloud Voice gives you the flexibility to work securely from anywhere, anytime. Utilise desk handsets, mobile, computer or tablet. Whatever device you prefer, you can take Cloud Voice with you.

Local Presence From Anywhere

Extend your business reach and use any local area number no matter where you are located. You have total flexibility with the numbers you want to use. You can keep your existing numbers or get new numbers.

Reduce Your Costs

What you need on a simple per-seat basis. No major hardware investment and no financing costs to consider. 

Cloud Voice offers the flexibility and functionality to help businesses thrive. For benefits ideal for smaller organisations, discover more Game-Changing Cloud Voice Functionalities for SMEs.

Why You Need a Contact Centre

The world is more connected than ever before and customers want to contact businesses via email, phone, webchats and through social media. A contact centre is an integrated business communication and customer contact solution that simplifies multichannel customer interaction. Watch this 15-minute session, where we cover how to build a better customer experience, streamline operations and enhance efficiency.



Future-Proof Your Business With Cloud Voice

In 2027 BT will switch off the PSTN network, which means your business needs to upgrade to IP telephony, like Cloud Voice.  The upcoming Great British Switch Off is happening sooner than you might expect. It’s important for businesses to get ahead and make the necessary changes to avoid disruption. 

About the author

Martin Bacon

Martin Bacon, Consultants Team Leader in Chess, has over 20 years of experience in IT industry. Utilising a consultative approach and understanding the clients' business ensures solutions fit with the right budget and functions required. He empowers organisation to work smarter with technology, giving them the edge over their competitors.

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