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Making it easy to work securely anywhere, anytime.

Empower Your Teams with Chess Cloud Managed Networks, Powered by Cisco Meraki

Chess introduces its Cloud Managed Networks solution. Powered by Cisco, and bolstered by our expertise as one of the first Cisco Partners to achieve Service for Security and Service for Access accreditations, we offer a comprehensive platform to ensure consistent and secure experiences across all work environments.

Empowering teams to work where and how they want is a regular business practice today and as such organisations of all sizes are now expected to provide conditions that promote productivity and collaboration.

This can prove difficult, especially when it comes to keeping your business and people secure across multiple locations. The shift towards remote work brings a multitude of cyber security risks that organisations and employees should be vigilant about. In fact, since the beginning of the pandemic, cyberattacks on remote workers have increased by 238%.

With the increased risk in mind, whatever your role or responsibilities, your teams need to use the same processes and technologies to deliver the same seamless experiences—whether your people are in the office, working remotely, or at home. That's where Chess Cloud Managed Networks comes in.

Making it easy to work securely anywhere, anytime.

At Chess, we understand the importance of seamless connectivity, whether in the office, remotely, or at home. Our Cloud Managed Network platform ensures consistent and secure experiences across all locations, empowering your teams to connect effortlessly from anywhere.

Powered by Cisco

As one of the first Cisco Partners to achieve the Service for Security and Service for Access accreditations we are uniquely placed to offer this service. Partnering with Cisco Meraki, Chess offers extensive expertise in enterprise networking and Smart Space technology solutions. Our certified specialists handle Consultation, Deployment, Adoption, and ongoing Support, aiming to minimise IT costs and management overhead with a subscription-based model accessible to businesses of any size.

System Management, Monitor and Alerts

The Chess Remote Monitoring and Management service provides real-time network monitoring coupled with intelligent alerting, automatic response, and resolution capabilities. Our Standard Meraki Management Platform Solution equips our Remote Monitoring Team with comprehensive monitoring and management tools, enabling swift action or escalation of issues.

We're not just reactive; we're proactive. Our system alerts us to potential problems before customers even notice. For example, if a Wi-Fi router goes offline for 60 seconds, it might not seem significant initially, but if it happens repeatedly, it could signal a potential hacking attempt. Our system sends alerts after 5 occurrences and alarms after 10, allowing us to address potential threats before they escalate. Protecting your business continuity and catching threats.

Threat Research Collaboration

Stay ahead of ever-increasing cyber-attacks. The best response begins before an emergency occurs. Cisco Talos proactive services strengthen your security posture whether you are planning or testing your capabilities. If you require emergency assistance, their global responders are engaged within hours. Cisco Talos works closely with Meraki's teams to develop and improve security features, ensuring Meraki products stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. By leveraging Talos' threat intelligence and expertise, Meraki enhances protection across networks, endpoints, and data, offering organisations stronger cybersecurity defences.

Smart Spaces

In today's hybrid work environment, the competency of a building is defined by its ability to ensure safety, sustainability, efficiency, and a seamless experience for occupants. The digital transformation has revolutionized industries by leveraging behavioural data to inform strategic decisions and gain competitive edges. However, many enterprises still lack insight into the behaviour of individuals and objects within physical spaces.

Enter Cisco Spaces, a ground breaking solution that transforms buildings into intelligent spaces using a scalable cloud platform. By digitising physical spaces, Cisco Spaces enhances safety, sustainability, and overall experiences while empowering data-driven decision-making.

For instance, consider the MT15 sensor, which could be strategically placed in areas like school restrooms to monitor activities such as vaping, without compromising privacy by using cameras. The sensor can detect changes in the air quality indicative of vaping, alerting staff to take necessary actions.

Similarly, Cisco Spaces can monitor refrigeration units, detecting when doors are left open and triggering alerts to prevent energy waste or food spoilage.

Another feature is the implementation of QR code entry systems for specific doors, enhancing security and access control while streamlining entry processes.

In essence, Cisco Spaces brings intelligence and efficiency to physical spaces, unlocking new possibilities for safety, sustainability, and seamless experiences in the modern world of work.

Why Choose Chess Cloud Managed Networks?

  • Seamless Connectivity: Our platform enables seamless connectivity for your teams, ensuring consistent experiences across various work environments.
  • Enhanced Security: With Cisco Meraki's advanced security features, we prioritise the protection of your data and network infrastructure.
  • Expert Support: Our certified network specialists provide comprehensive support, from initial consultation to ongoing management, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

By partnering with Chess Cloud Managed Networks, businesses can transform their connectivity infrastructure, fostering productivity and collaboration regardless of geographical constraints.

Book a consultation with our team today to find out more!

See our Cloud Packages

Cisco Meraki

Managed Secure Firewall Solution

Experience powerful networking and security for your branch with our Managed Secure Firewall Solution, powered by the Cisco Meraki MX multifunctional Cloud security enterprise appliance. By combining the benefits of Cisco Meraki MX with Chess ICT's leading managed services, you'll achieve seamless security across your network infrastructure. Our simple subscription model helps lower IT spend and management overhead.

Choose From Our Tailored Packages:

Bronze: Perfect for small businesses needing a fully managed home office worker solution.

Silver: Ideal for businesses seeking enhanced protection and availability for home workers.

Gold: Tailored for businesses requiring advanced protection and availability for home workers.

Cisco Meraki

Managed Office Solution

Our Managed Office Solution is powered by Meraki Wi-Fi access points and switches, designed for seamless deployment, security, and scalability.

  • The Meraki MS range optimises cloud enablement, enhancing efficiency, reducing overheads, and simplifying networks.
  • Switches are easily managed through the intuitive Meraki dashboard, offering instant port control, application prioritisation, and threat isolation.
  • Purpose-built for businesses, the Meraki MR range of Access Points ensures flexible working practices, improved guest network security, and enhanced bandwidth control.
  • With infrastructure-integrated wireless solutions, the Meraki MR range leads the industry in providing seamless connectivity.
Choose From Our Tailored Packages:

Bronze: Ideal for small offices with approximately 5 people.

Silver: Perfect for offices with approximately 20 people.

Gold: Tailored for larger offices with approximately 40 people.

Cisco Meraki

Managed Home Office Solution

The Managed Home Office Solution offers enterprise class firewall, VPN gateway and router all in one solution for the home office, powered by a Cisco Meraki Z-series appliance.

This appliance also offers wireless connectivity with WiFi6, five gigabit ethernet ports, including a built-in PoE-enabled port for VoIP phones and other PoE powered devices.

Choose from our tailored packages:

Bronze: Ideal for small business wanting a fully Managed Home Office worker Solution.

Silver: Ideal for a small business requiring better protection and availability for Home Workers

Gold: Ideal for a small business looking for more advanced protection and availability for home workers.

Cisco Meraki

Managed Anywhere Solution

Introducing our Managed Anywhere Solution powered by Cisco AnyConnect / Secure Connect. Simplifying Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for your business, Cisco+ Secure Connect offers a unified solution without the complexity.

  • Enable a secure, hybrid workforce with consistent, secure access and a seamless user experience.
  • Boost worker productivity with connectivity anywhere and improved application performance.
  • Reduce security risks and maintain compliance requirements.
  • Lower IT spend and management overheads with a simple subscription model.
Choose from our tailored packages:

Bronze: Securely connect remote workers with two-factor authentication, complementing the Managed Secure Firewall package.

Silver: Ideal for remote workers needing enhanced protection.

Gold: Advanced protection and governance for remote workers.

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