With just two months to go before the UK’s planned departure from the EU, it’s not just the availability of goods post 29 March that’s a potential concern. The talent pool from which the UK’s tech sector will be able to recruit is under pressure, with research pointing to a UK shortfall of 800,000 unfilled IT jobs by 2020.

Industry figures suggest that the sector is growing three times faster than the rest of the economy, with no signs of slowing down, as businesses seek to bolster resources across business intelligence, data, analytics, security, development, architecture and digital.

With demand threatening to outstrip supply, outsourcing roles – either abroad or to local Managed Service Providers, may become the logical option for many companies.

A work culture that counters some of the stresses increasingly felt by IT Managers and Leaders (highlighted in Chess’ “Pulse of the Nation” survey last year) will also be key to attracting and retaining business critical talent.

Automation of certain functions also has the potential to free up valuable resource to concentrate on areas requiring higher skill and experience.

What resource challenges do you think the industry is facing in 2019 – and how, as a sector, do you think we can innovate and evolve to tackle them together?