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Managing Remote Teams using Power Platform


In March 2020, as the news of the dangers of COVID-19 was spreading, our People Support team needed to ensure the safety of our people while still working together.

Luckily, at Chess, we were geared up for working from anywhere as our six sites already collaborated on Microsoft Teams. The challenge was how to centralise the reporting and tracking of team statuses across the organisation.

Combining the capabilities of Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Teams, our Development team created the Location app which is now used by the whole company. The People Support team now have full visibility of which of our people work from the office every day; track morale scores and hours worked; enabling them to coordinate our resources as required.

Workflow automation using Power Automate with Power Apps allows a high level of productivity with a lower level of resource input. Multistep flows within Power Automate allow businesses to complete multiple repetitive tasks through a single action within a Power App – saving time and massively increasing efficiency.

Integrating Power BI with a Power App allows key business members and stakeholders to view customisable, visual, real time data dashboards based on a data source. This removes the requirement of collating and searching massive amounts of data, enabling you to make informed decisions based on immediate business intelligence.


About the author


Chess is one of the UK’s leading independent and trusted technology service providers, employing 300 skilled people across the UK, supporting over 20,000 organisations.

 By leveraging world-class technology, Chess helps you to connect your people, protect your data, grow your business, reduce your costs and work better together, which means your business, your people and your customers can thrive.

At Chess, we’re passionate about our unique culture and our continuous investment in our people to be industry experts. We’re extremely proud that our people voted us No.1 in ‘The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work for’ list 2018, and we continue to celebrate more than ten years in the top 100.

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