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A Step Closer on our Service Improvement Journey

A huge thanks to those who completed our customer survey, we had our best response ever. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be analysing the results and we will share these with you as soon as they are available. Your feedback will be used to build on our existing road map of service improvements, Self-serve online continues to be our number 1 priority, and we're working at full speed to deliver 5 new features. 

1. Line Fault Checker

This new feature for the Customer Portal will allow customers to perform their own diagnostic tests to determine whether there is a fault on their line.

2. Telephone Key Pad Payments

This will allow customers to select an option from our phone menu, and pay their bill over the phone using their telephone keypad.

3. Improved Customer Ticket Comms

We are constantly improving and consolidating the content of the emails that our ticketing system sends to customers, when a ticket is created, updated, and closed. Improved emails will result in a more efficient experience for the customer.

4. Portal Query Optimisations

We have identified a number of areas where query execution times can be improved and the customer experience made even better.

5. Notification Centre

A new customer notification centre similar to the type found on social media sites and other online account management platforms. Notifications might include confirmation of an online payment, the results of a line check, notice of a price change, service outages, time-to-pay warnings etc.

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