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Changes to Terms and Conditions

Important Changes to Terms and Conditions

We have made amendments to the following terms and conditions:

  • General Conditions;
  • Schedule 3.1 (Voice Services);
  • Schedule 3.2 (Internet Services);
  • Schedule 3.4 (Cloud Voice Services);
  • Schedule 3.5(A) (Mobile Services); and
  • Schedule 3.10 (Teams Direct Routing Service).

For existing customer contracts changes will take effect 1 month from notice of these changes being 15th March 2022.   For customers contracts entered after this date they will take effect from the date that contract is entered.  These terms and conditions can be found here Legal | Chess ICT. For more detailed information please see below.

General Conditions

We’ve updated the definitions to reflect recent changes made to the Ofcom General Conditions, as well as amended definitions relating to hardware and equipment to reflect our current product offering.

The default Minimum Term (which applies where a Minimum Term is not stated on the Order) is now 24 months (clause 2.1).  A new clause 2.5 provides for where the contract is terminated under clause 2.1.1 but services remain with us, and for termination to effectively be deemed withdrawn after 30 days.

Edits have been made to clarify our customer’s obligations in relation to maintenance of different types of equipment and hardware.  These changes can be found at clauses 4.1.2, 4.1.3, 4.8, and 4.9.3.    There are also changes at clauses 4.11 to 4.12, 4.13 to 4.15, 8.8.2 and 8.8.3 which relate to Ancillary Equipment and Free of charge Hardware and the customer’s obligations on termination.

We have also made edits to clause 16 which are drafting changes only reflecting insertions added to the Schedules which are explained below.


The amendments made to each of the Schedules are similar if not the same, albeit the clause numbering differs across some Schedules.    

There have been changes to the “Charges and Payment” clause.  The introductory wording has been changed to add clarity in respect of the order of precedence with the General Conditions.  A new clause has been inserted whereby which allows Chess to increase its prices each calendar year by giving you notice.  The increase is calculated to the nearest whole pence and calculated by multiplying your existing Charges by i) the Retail Price Index (“RPI”) rate figure published by the ONS in January of that year (ignoring negative figures), plus 3.9%. 

Amendments have also been made to the “Termination” clause to clarify rights of Microenterprise and Small Enterprise Customers and Non-for-profit customers with regard to termination rights and automatic renewal provisions in the General Conditions.  Wording has also been inserted to clarify how the termination clauses interact with the changes referred to above.

If a Microenterprise or Small Enterprise Customer or Non-for-profit Customer considers these changes are likely to cause them material detriment they may end their contract for the effected services immediately by giving us notice within 30 days of receipt of this notice.

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