Updates to Support Service Schedules 4.1 to 4.6(C)

Chess has made updates to the following Support Service Schedules:

  • Schedule 4.1 Fault Management;
  • Schedule 4.2 Professional Services;
  • Schedule 4.3 Maintenance Support Services;
  • Schedule 4.4 Managed Support Services;
  • Schedule 4.5 Professional Support Incident Packs;
  • Schedule 4.6(A) Standard Security Support;
  • Schedule 4.6(B) Managed Security Support; and
  • Schedule 4.6(C) Sophos Managed Security Services.

Schedules 4.1 to 4.6(C) have been updated to add clarity as to when Chess may charge for Engineer travel time.  The changes can be found under the “Charges and Payment” heading of the Schedule.  In addition, Schedule 4.6(C) Sophos Managed Security Services has been updated to reflect the changes to the Sophos service offerings and its terms and conditions applicable to its MDR, Rapid Response and Threat Adviser services.

The above Schedules apply to all customer contracts entered from the date of this notification, together with Chess’ General Conditions.  The changes also apply to existing customer contracts, 30 days from the date of this notification.

The Schedules and the General Conditions can be found at Legal | Chess ICT.