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Martin Bacon, Consultant at Chess, simplifies the benefits of expert Project Management.

The key benefits of a Projects team – The car analogy

In this article Martin Bacon, Consultant at Chess, simplifies the benefits of expert Project Management. He covers:  

The various driving forces to a successful project 

Behind every successful project there are multiple driving forces. Just like a car, many factors contribute to the successful running and maintenance of a project.  

A car is used for journeys, trying to get somewhere important… in the business world this is getting from one milestone to another for growth and success. The sales a business does is the fuel for the car, without sales the fuel runs out and the car can’t get anywhere. 

The ops people that support the business are the people around the car, that make sure the washer fluid is topped up, tyre pressures are correct, ensuring it’s kept clean and polished. 

The business owners are the drivers of the car, they steer the car to where it needs to go, they apply the accelerator and brake to make sure everything is going in the right direction at speeds they are comfortable with. For them it’s about making sure everything is safe and reliable to get them there. 

All these things are important, but of course a car needs an engine – this is where a projects team comes in. 

How and where a Project Management team fit in 

A projects team are the engine that forms a part of the car. This is the crucial component towards making sure the car can get to where it needs to go. With that engine comes enhancements for performance, reliability and efficiency. 

So, what happens if the engine in a car breaks down or needs improving? We replace it or upgrade it and we take it to a reputable mechanic that has a wealth of experience in understanding what the problems are. They suggest the right solutions to fix them and ultimately undertake the work to get it fixed. 

With all those years of experience, their training, recommendations and success stories along with undertaking the work, is the value that mechanics bring to a car. They make sure the reliability, speed and efficiency can be realised. 

We always expect to pay for an expert’s opinion and time to get something important done and rely on their experience and skills to do it correctly. This is the value proposition around project managers, they are the mechanics that make sure this happens. 

The benefits of Project Management 

Project teams have a wealth of training, experience and recommendations to solve any problems and streamline your project from start to finish. Some of the key benefits they bring are: 

1 - Project Tracking 

The ability to track all steps of the project using an agreed method (milestone log, RAID log, trackers) and update all parties. 

2 - Reassurance 

The reassurance that it’s going to happen on time, on budget, be reliable and if you need some help later, be available to assist in fixing any problems related to the project which may occur. 

3 - Improved Collaboration 

With many moving parts, team members and suppliers, a project manager is the link to ensure everyone is informed and keep everything on track. 

Working with companies like Chess, we can provide the assurance that your business journey is going to be safe and well looked after now and in the future.  

“You wouldn’t expect to get the engine changed on your car without paying someone to do it for their expertise.” 

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About the author

Martin Bacon

Martin Bacon, Consultants Team Leader in Chess, has over 20 years of experience in IT industry. Utilising a consultative approach and understanding the clients' business ensures solutions fit with the right budget and functions required. He empowers organisation to work smarter with technology, giving them the edge over their competitors.

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