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Secure Your Business Connection

Don't Waste Time on Broken Broadband

What's Included with Broadband Protect

Chess Broadband Protect offers new technologies to maximise the performance of your business, as well as keep you secure and supported.

Many of us simply use the routers supplied by our Internet Service Provider and don’t give this a second thought. However, as we have come to rely on internet connectivity for both work and leisure, this may be worth a few minutes of your time to reconsider.


Technicolor DGA4134 Router

Equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, the DGA4134 performs better in a multi-user environment with an improved battery lifetime.

WiFi 6 Technology

Wi-Fi 6 increases your signal to accommodate more devices and allow better sharing of the wireless channel, with reduced interference between neighbouring routers.

Free Annual Security Consultation

Free 30-minute security consultation. Speak to an impartial consultant and get answers to the questions that keep you up at night.

Hardened Router

The Broadband Protect router has been security assured by Chess’ expert penetration testers.

Management and Monitoring

We use state of the art software platforms to manage and monitor your connection. Ensuring your device is always up to date to maximise it’s performance and security.​

24/7 Support

Our UK-Based support team is on hand 24 hours a day to help you with your connection, making sure your business can always be productive anywhere anytime.

Latest Secure Firmware

Our Technology Refresh ensures your router is always current and supported, with the latest firmware updates applied direct to your device.

WiFi-6 Support

The latest wireless standard and incorporates a number of security enhancements to safeguard your data.

Yearly Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment gives you an understanding of your security posture and it's a quick, cost effective way to identify and focus on areas that can be fixed easily.

Free 2027 Connectivity Upgrades*

If FTTP or another next-generation service (SOGFast, SOGEA etc) becomes available we will upgrade your line to the new service free of charge. Line speed will be at our discretion, but you can upgrade to faster speeds for an increment on your monthly bill. Discounts may be available should you wish to enter into a new contract. A router will be provided as part of the upgrade.

Inclusive Disaster Recovery

We will provide a replacement broadband router within 2 working days if yours fails. We will provide a 4G device and SIM card if a broadband fault persists for more than 2 working days. Fair usage policy applies. Please be aware that if the router is not returned at the end of the loan period you will be charged its full retail price.

No Engineering Charges*

Internet downtime is estimated to cost UK businesses £11 billion every year, and these costs are increasing as we all become more dependent on our data connectivity. In the event of a Broadband fault we will cover all BT Openreach engineering charges (in hours and out of hours) as long as you run through the required checks before we send out an engineer.

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